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Now that we’ve seen a few of the upcoming figures coming in Generations and the dust has settled, it may be time to make some predictions on the line.

This isn’t going to be a fangasm where I just list the coolest ideas I can think of before anyone else can claim them as my own once they appear in the line, no. These will be more educated guesses.

Deluxe Stunticon Breakdown – White deluxe Sideswipe redeco

Transformers IDW generations Breakdown

There have been so many customs made of me that you could probably package them all and sell them in stores!

As if the Sunstreaker / Sideswipe mold hasn’t been screaming for this to happen since we first laid eyes on them. The mold is made for it and this image of Breakdown from the IDW comics all but hints that we will finally see this toy come to life. The comic books have always been a great indicator what is actually going on behind the scenes at Hasbro and I’ll put my money on this guy being one of the first figures revealed in the line to join his pal Dragstrip.

Deluxe Wasp – Green deluxe Bumblebee redeco

Transformers Animated Wasp

Get me Wasp out of this bubble-gum continuity!

Now that we’ve seen that Lockdown can transcend from the realm of Animated into the movie universe, why stop there? Let’s keep the repaint train moving and give the bumble-bee bot mode another chance to thrive in a rainbow of colors. The price of Botcon Bugbite keeps raising every other week on Ebay so it’s evident that a Decepticon version of the mold would be a favorable choice. Let’s give Bumble-bot a run for the money!

Deluxe Jazz – Deluxe Prowl remold in white

Transformers custom deluxe G1 Jazz

So G1, I cut my damn toes off!

Well we’ve already seen Jazz in the Universe line as a legends figure, but it just wasn’t enough. Jazz has gotten a lot of love lately in Animated and the first Transformers movie, and we’ll even see him return in ROTF as a very nice-looking Human Alliance figure. However, we still want a great G1-version and Generations has the molds to do it. A few tweaks on the Prowl bros. mold and you could get something incredible, like this custom found on Action Figure Customs by user Sam.  We’d probably have to ditch the shoulder cannon, but as long as it somewhat resembled this, we’d have an instant winner!

Deluxe SwindleBrown deluxe Hound remold

Transformers Animated Swindle

Let's make a deal - put me in all of your toylines and I won't share those nudie photos I got off your cell phone

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but Hound was one of the few molds from Classics that has yet to see any sort of redeco. It’s not very like Hasbro or Takara to leave a mold to rot without sucking at least two to three products out of it. Swindle seems like an obvious choice, but we may even see a wacky idea like Deitrius the Junkion from this mold. The real problem is what to do with the Ravage campanion? You got me!

Deluxe Dirge Redeco of Henkei Dirge

Transformers Henkei Dirge

Hey everyone, don't forget about me! I'm not dead yet!

Well it happened: we were all mislead when told we would have exclusive Botcon seekers. “But the moldings are different!” They sure are, but come on, the Botcon seeker set really pissed a lot of people off. I, in fact, think that is great for business. Now that we know Thrust (in his Henkei molded form) will appear on US soil in Generations, it is without a doubt that his dodgey Dirgey accomplice will follow right behind. In fact, I was told at ToyFair 2010 by a rep that we will see more seekers in Generations. This could also mean there is a possibility for Sunstorm or Thundercracker, but let’s not get too hasty. Two in one toyline is plenty for this guy.

So there it is. Five of my predictions for the upcoming Generations line. Of course my guesses are Decepticon-heavy, and almost all repaint ideas, but those are the cheapest and sometimes easiest to execute. We will for sure see our fair share of new molds in Generations including Darkmount (Straxus!), Drift, and the War for Cybertron figures. Some wild speculation would be a new Shockwave mold, perhaps some Aerialbots on the goodguy side, and of course, we need more Dinobots!!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing some singular Constructicons either. Scrapper and Hook would give the Decepticons some much needed muscle… Please share your thoughts in the comments!