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Transformers 3 to be filmed on Chicago's Magnificent Mile along Michigan Avenue

Starscream has decided it's time to spruce up his look so he and the gals are taking a nice "sick day" downtown.

We all know that Transformers 3 is being filmed in Chicago amongst other locations around the country and the world thanks to a recent post by Michael Bay.  The dream came one step closer to reality for Chicago Transfans as received confirmation from an un-named source that businesses along Michigan Avenue are being pre-emptively notified of an upcoming shoot for the movie.

This is awesome news!  It shows that the cast and crew of Transformers 3 will continue to push the limits of their craft by filming in one of the highest traffic areas of the city.  The big question now is will the shooting occur during the evening hours, or highly trafficed day-time hours?  Chicago is no stranger to blockbuster movie shooting.  The recent rebooted Batman films transformed Chicago into the infamous Gotham City, albeit with a bit of computer graphics magic.  This time, Chicago will be waiving it’s flag proudly as the Decepticons and Autobots wage war upon our streets.

Gotham City!!! - photo from

Oh and by the way, I’ll be keeping you updated on casting calls and filming schedules if I can get my hands on them…  ol’ Dirty Diablien always finds his way in somehow!

What’s up robots?  Welcome to Fear City.