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  • Time to pre-order your Punch/counterpunch and Shattered Glass Cyclonus from he collector club! #
  • Knock-off Taiwan Diaclone Devastator – This is one of my auctions I wasn't expecting to sell well but it's up to $40! – #
  • Sorry for the lack of substance updates, but I've been working on some client work all week and it is kicking my butt #
  • Just listed 61 items on ebay ALL FOR $0.99 – TONS OF G1 WITH BOXES! – #
  • (commonly blaze orange markings on the barrel or a blaze orange plug inserted into the barrel.) #
  • Sellers may only list this toy if it has been modified to include clear markings permanently affixed to them #
  • as it does not display a blaze orange safety tip on the end of the barrel. #
  • Due to the US laws surrounding replica/imitation firearms, it is illegal for any business or individual to import or sell the MP-05 Megatron #
  • Wow, I didn't know Ebay actually had a policy against MP Megatron sales! ! Crazy! #