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Fansproject Protector or Rodimus Prime prototype

"Oh yes" just doesn't always cut it...

Just when I was thinking it was a slow Transformers news day, Fansproject uploads a hoard of photos revealing their Protector add-on kit for Classics / Henkei Rodimus Prime!  This is sick!

The only thing we were able to see previously was a product illustration.  Now we are finally seeing how the Rodimus trailer really fits together and it looks AMAZING!  Looks like I have to put my foot in my mouth from the ending I put on the Fansproject Defender review.


Oh and uh, by the way, if you haven’t gotten your own yet, you might not want to try getting a classics Rodimus from Ebay right now…

Fansproject Protector Rodimus Prime in vehicle mode

The spoiler peeks out of the sides! It's beautiful!!