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Botcon 2010 Black Generation 2 Streetwise

Think I'll be worth as much as my predecessor?

As discovered in the Botcon 2010 brochure, the autobot Streetwise would be returning for Generation 2 redux.  As I predicted earlier, the mold is a black version of Prowl based on his ultra-rare Generation 2 black redeco as part of the Protectobot combiner team.

Although not the most impressive of redecos, the concept behind this and Stunticon Breakdown should make the high-end collector warm and fuzzy inside.  Although most of us will never own these hideous repaints of G1 combiners, we can now get ahold of far better articulated classics versions.  Which would you prefer to have anyway?  Now all we have to wait for are Clench and Skybyte…

To see what the original G2 Streetwise looked like, check this image.

Transformers Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Streetwise

Dark Prowl or Happy Barricade?