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Whoa, check out the sweet net intro to the Japanese version of the Transformers Animated cartoon. Incredibly cool! Apparently the intro video didn’t quite work for the Japanese crowd so they went ahead and did what they do best. The intro features some what could be considered ‘obscure’ characters from the show including Slipstream, Ironhide, and Arcee! These characters did not receive a whole lot of screen time, so some people are wondering if this could mean we will be seeing all new animation and even new EPISODES in the new Japanese series.

Diablien says “fat chance,” as animation costs a LOT of money and with a perfectly good full season of episodes, why rock the boat?

My big question is what is going to be Ironhide’s name now that Bulkhead is named Ironhide in Japan… could it be Bulkhead? Oh irony…