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Generation 1 Broadside made of Legos

Time for a landing

I was perusing one of my favorite forums today and came across a great thread where Yap Alan was showing the latest fruits of his labor: a triple-changing Transformers Generation 1 Broadside.

Here’s what the artist had to say:

This one took me weeks after weeks of finetuning. The front part of the carrier mode had undergone 3 major changes. And the missus insist of putting the final touch to my creation. Can you guess which part is the “odd one out” ?

LEGO Transformers world has gotten too much of Primes lately. It’s like a rites of passage.

Some minor characters needs some love too!

Transformers Lego Broadside

Just like the G1 toy, the plane mode leaves a little to be desired ^_^

See more of his amazing Transformers Lego creations here.

Transformers Generation 1 G1 Broadside robot mode

Probably the best bot mode we've ever gotten for Broadside!