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Transformers War For Cybertron Jazz as a Best-Buy Exclusive character

He can be found in the 'Jazz' section - I'll be here all night!

I know this is already belated, but the art is so cool I had to post it. Jazz is the 3rd exclusive character revealed to be a part of Transformers War For Cybertron. As happy as I am to see more awesome renders of characters, the whole exclusivity method is driving me up the wall. Now I have to choose between Jazz and Shockwave? They can’t really be doing this to us. There has to be some sort of super-download pack coming up a few months after the game is out that lets you have every character, right?

Let’s get off the politics for a second and just revel in this great character design. He looks fast on his feet, stealthy and strong. Jazz is finally getting the badass look that he deserves for being at the top tier of the Autobot chain of command. IDW did a good job of giving Jazz a little extra ‘oomph’ that we all knew he was missing. Let’s hope he gets some glorious moments in War for Cybertron.

Oh yeah, check out the in-game trailer below. Did anyone else notice swarms of Decepticon spiders!?