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A typical Transformers collector in his happy place

So, I don't wanna sound weird or nuthin', but what's with the one MOSC Sunstreaker?

Consider this a quick list of common Transformer Collecting rules of thumb from people all across the board.   Validity of specific statements will be touched upon in the future.  These are real things that real Transformers collectors believe and have said:

“Whatever I sell now, I can always buy back later.”

“If I wait long enough, I will get what I want for the price that I want it for.”

“Prices of Transformers never go down.”

“There is always someone out there that is willing to pay what I want to sell a figure for.”

“A loose figure is never worth as much as the same figure sealed in the box.”

“Sealed figures aren’t worth anything because you can’t actually play with the toy.”

“I will be able to find this on sale at a store later instead of buying it the first time I see it on the shelf.”

“If I see it on the shelf now, I might never see it again so I better buy one, or all of them.”

As you can see, some of these flat our contradict each other.  That is the essence of the Transformers Collector Community.  There is no right way or wrong way, but hundreds of different ways.  As I explore each of these topics in depth, it is my hope that readers will begin to accept the differences amongst us and our collections.

Boy, have I got my work cut out for me…