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Transformers Prime logo

Opti-Samus Metroid Prime

Today we were treated with the visuals for the next iteration of Transformers, Transformers Prime.  The logo is a very clean and crisp version of the old-school stacked Transformers logo seen from the 80’s.   Nice and classy.

So what are we going to see in Transformers Prime?  Well we know the visuals are going to be CG renders by a company by the name of Digitalscape.  We also know that Bumblebee is going to be making an appearance, and he definitely looks similar to his movie-verse self.  The writers will also be the same ones from the movie-verse, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Transformers Prime Bumblebee

Hey guys, I have a wheel for a shoulder!

If I had to take a guess from the information provided, I would say that this series will focus on the Transformers’ battle on Cybertron, very much in the same vein as War For Cybertron will be.  It could be a prequel retelling of how Optimus (in the movie universe) became a Prime and the resulting war between the Autobots and Decepticon.

Not bad, but I feel like this theme has been retold so many times at this point via comics and now the upcoming video game, that we are going to continue to have a mix-matched fiction that will just have a consistent continuity.  I know that is not necessarily Hasbro’s goal – they are probably more insterest in keeping their brand exciting and re-inventing it when they get the chance.  I think it may be a bit confusing for new fans that play the War For Cybertron video game and then watch Transformers Prime and can’t get around the fact that they are two different universes.

But then again, maybe Transformers Prime is the Transformers hanging out on Earth and Mars in the distant future, lets say 3005.  Perhaps that is why Bumblebee looks so futuristic and cool in his still shot. All I can hope for is a well-written new series that both children and adults can enjoy. Transformers Animated always made me wonder what Hasbro was thinking. I mean, wouldn’t they want to keep the movie-verse going with a tv show follow-up for kids after the movie? Star War’s Clone Wars cartoon is a perfect example of this. Perhaps now that the proper timing has come, Transformers Prime will be able to fulfill this role and keep Transformers fresh and exciting for 2010 and beyond!