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  • Yes this exists!!! #
  • Yay, at least Thundercracker isn't the exact same render in the exact same pose as Starscream this time – #
  • Megan Fox not being in Transformers 3 is the 1st of many big disappointments in store for the world regarding this disintegrating franchise #
  • For all the LOST fans out there <sniff> from @RIPT - #
  • Hey @ghostbusters fans, this is the SHIT!!! Improv bustin' at the NYC library (video) #
  • Wow, nerd alert. I am listening to me CD copy of the Project A-Ko soundtrack. hahaah this more 80's than Stan Bush! #
  • Wow, Paypal sided with the buyer of an item I proved I sent. I can't believe this + I got indecipherable bad feedback #
  • So… should I open my Lucky Draw Starscream? I've never removed it from the plastic in the 3+ years I've had it #
  • Viacom says Transformers 3 filming clip infringes on copyright – WOW- #