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Transformers War For Cybertron Soundwave

See ya in plastic soon enough!

Apparently in the wake of Bigbadtoystore’s huge pre-order update last night, someone found a listing for War For Cybertron Soundwave. So now we know who the 4th War for Cybertron toy is going to be (the third being Megatron which we have already seen).

No need to worry though, these toys are going to be hotter than hot.  This game is going to be hotter than hot.  Hasbro is taking the cautious route and simply filling in the gaps of their Generations line.  They most likely already have the entire line of toys ready to go.  With the expected cast to be over 30 characters, that’s a lot of plastic to sell.

Oh and it looks like we’ll be seeing all the molds we missed in Henkei such as Dirge, Thrust, and Red Alert.  ‘Bout time I say!