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War for Cybertron Omega Supreme

Omega Supreme is about to open a can!

I’ve been checking out some non-Transformers-centric websites and their reviews after the past week’s Transformers: War for Cybetron press event where attendees were allowed to test-run the finished version of the game.  Although I was not worried that results would be different, it is relieving that the game has recieved over-all positive praise not only from the typical Transformers community, but also the general gaming public as well.

There is a lot of discussion about War for Cybertron being ‘a fans game,’ amongst many of the video game hardcore sites that visited the demo event.

This newsarama article reports:

It’s (Transformers: War for Cybertron) clearly geared more toward those fans, but others should look twice before passing it by, too.

Apparently, the big surprise is “Horde Mode” in multiplayer.  All the gamers appear to simply love it. Again and again, reviewers are questioning wheather widespread approval of this game is looming.  I’ve also repeatedly read that this game is without a doubt the best Transformers-centric game that has ever been produced.  So the reception seems to be either beaming praise or lukewarm indecision.  I could not find any reviews saying the game was horrible or a mess, so that is always a good sign.

If War For Cybetron really is made for the fans, then I think all the fanboys out there can go to bed happy this month.