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I am thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t take an offer to “just come back early tomorrow instead of wait in this line any longer,” because if you didn’t have an umbrella or poncho, today was a sad day to stand in line for 4 hours.  I scoped out the line again (this location is literally two blocks from my residence) and took a quick video, illustrating just how long the line was yesterday.  It looked to be just over half the length of the previous day’s line.  The rain definitely kept people away, but die-hards were still there waiting for their chance to join in the fun.

I’m sure the interior of the Chicago Academy of Performing Arts was a sloppy mess after 500 or so people tromped through it.  If my estimates are correct, in total about 2000-2500 Chicago citizens showed up to take a stab at being the next random blur of a face to grace what is bound to be an epic film.  Check the video below!