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TakaraTomy Masterpiece Hot Rodimus Convoy Digibash

At least this paints a better picture

Fans of Winnebagos rejoice! Rodimus Convoy has been revealed! Check out igear’s Facebook mobile gallery for the latest photos of the hardcopy version of this figure.

From the looks of it, there is enough folded up back kibble to create a full Hot Rod car mode that will slide into the trailer section.  The hands can peg to the gun turrets of the trailer.  The Rodimus Convoy laser cannon has a bit of transformation to it, hinting that perhaps the gun can be split into Hot Rod’s pistols or at least convert to a smaller weapon.  The face looks like it may have the potential to spin like the Masterpiece Seekers.

What does all this mean?  It means that we may have gotten our wish and this one figure will be able to represent Hot Rod AND Rodimus Prime at the same time!  In other news, BBTS has a lame-brain pre-order up for $200.  You have been warned.