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Pretenders attempt to decode the Collecticon hard drive

Pretenders attempt to decode the Collecticon hard drive

Any regular visitor to this blog may have been a bit un-nerved by the lack of any recent posts. I am now taking the time to explain the reason: my $4,000 Mac Book Pro 17″ was stolen from my vehicle on Wednesday August 18th at the Dekalb Oasis along I-88 between 8:15 and 8:35 PM. It has been a week and I do not expect to get it back.

To make a long story short, there is invaluable data and work left on that computer that I shall never recover. The software alone was worth another $4,500. The last review I had in the works for TFsource was also lost in this theft.

So I have had many bigger fish to fry than to update Collecticon for the past week or so. I have some incredibly fun news to share though and I even caught some more filming around Chicago. I just haven’t had the means to post it. So please bare with me as I start over with many facets of my digital and professional life.

So if you’re keeping track this marks the third in a string of horrible events that have taken place recently: a full basement flood, a car accident, and now theft of my only means of making a living. Summer 2010, I can’t wait for you to make like a tree and ‘get out of here.’

By the way, if anyone happens to find my computer I am offering a $1000 reward, no questions asked, as long as the data and software has not been removed.  Serial # is: W89123PT2QT