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Megan Fox in Eminem's I Love The Way You Lie

Yeah yeah, we all get it – she's hot!

This is about as far from Transformers news as I’d like to get, but some of us out there are mourning the loss of Megan Fox in the upcoming episode of the Transformers Movie Saga. This Collecticon has already voiced his disdain for the political drama surrounding the decision and resultant plot fallout for the film, but there is no use crying over spilled energon anymore.

I had heard on the radio that Megan Fox would appear in Eminem’s upcoming video for “I Love The Way You Lie” and I thought, “Well that’s nice, at least she is doing other things.”  Not only that, she has donated her fee for appearing in the video to a women’s shelter.

If you are into Eminem or pop music of the now, you might as well give the video a watch.  Fans of Lost will be excited to see Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) fighting, cuddling, and down right devouring Mikeala in the video’s quick storyline.  It appears she may have wanted more of a bad-guy than goofy old Sam Witwicky.  After watching the heat in this video, can you really blame her?

See the HD video premiere at vevo