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Transformers Prime Starscream

Already getting some cover-time, ey big guy?

Looks like someone’s been dippin’ their pen in the company ink!

Transformers Prime and Alternity Starscream

Separated at birth?

I had been seeing photos and thumbnails of what Starscream is supposed to look like in the upcoming Transformers Prime cartoon series, and wondered where they came from. Then I found this post at Tformers showing some artwork from the initial graphic novel for the story.

To me, it looks like some of the rather samurai-esque features of Alternity Starscream have made their way into the latest iteration of everyone’s favorite seeker.  So it appears the Prime universe won’t borrow everything from the movie-verse after all…

Transformers Alternity Starscream artwork

I am becoming more canon every day!!!

If you want a sneak peek at what the Air Commander is going to sound like, check out this video featuring the voice of Mr. Blum!