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I’m going to be giving away any extra Hunt for The Decepticons game codes that I get in my figures to my Twitter followers.

Basically, I have finished the game at this point and figured I ought to just spread the love to anyone that has been wanting to check it out but can’t.

So what I ask you to do is simply follow Collecticon on Twitter and I will randomly give them out there.  First come first served!  I will not know who gets them first or when they become invalid, you will just have to be there and use the code quickly once I have posted it!  I will probably remove the codes after a day or so, in order to not confuse anyone.  I have about five codes to giveaway and I’m sure more will be coming.

Get to it, because I will be giving away one of the codes Friday September 10th!

For those of you wanting to see any videos about the Hunt For The Decepticons game, check out this post on Collecticon featuring all my screen captures of the game.