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Transformers Masterpiece Ultar Magnus 2nd Run

Hot shots: Part Duex

With the toy world gearing up for a second edition of a widely under-demanded figure like MP-02 Ultra Magnus, it might behoove you to wonder just why this would be happening five years later…

Well I think I’ve figured it out: the next Masterpiece figure will not be Galvatron, but instead a fully-armored MP Convoy mold. I think this armor will be sold separately and not in a set. Can any of us really stomach another giant masterpiece box being sent across the sea to us?

Peep this photo of Sleep Convoy’s arm communicators. These arm communicators have almost 100% teased at upcoming masterpiece figures with the exception of Bumblebee’s face on MP-01. Only time will tell if this Unsolved Mystery comes to a close…

Masterpiece MP4S Convoy Sleep Mode arm communicators

Let me remind you that we already know we are getting MP Rodimus... so what's up with dude on the right?