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Transformers 3 The Dark of The Moon

Us and Them

The title for Transformers 3 was inadvertently revealed by some Amazon book listings for the film last week.  We can assume that this title should be taken as literally as the last one (Revenge of the The Fallen), where “The Fallen” referred to an actual character’s name and was not a metaphor.  It looks like we will be going down an already trodded path for Transformers and becoming a space odyssey. in turn sending the franchise back into hibernation for about 10 years.

Space shuttles, Dark of the Moon, Junkions… everything is pointing towards something big in the sky and we all know who that is…  As cool as Unicron is, I really hope he is not going to become part of the Bayverse.

In regards to the title, some clever fans have already taken it upon themselves to express their inevitable dissatisfaction.  Feast your eyes on one rather humorous example below.

Transformers 3 - The Dark of the Moon

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