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Transformers 3 Optimus Prime with Trailer

I smell GIFTSET!

With Transformers 3’s subtitle finally revealed to be “Dark of the Moon”, only so many details are left to be speculative about. The most important one to this Collecticon is of course, the upcoming toyline. With Revenge of the Fallen peetering out but still clinging to life in the Hunt For the Decepticons and now Reveal the Shield sublines, will it ever die? Will the movie toys just perpetually cycle between movies even? That appears to be the case, but if anything has ever reigned supreme in the world of Transformers it is that the toy designs are like a fine wine – they grow better with age. If Battle Blade Bumblebee and Deluxe Ironhide are any indication of what we are in for during Hasbro’s movie finale, it’s going to be a great send off.

So just what can we expect? Of course the world is our oyster but let’s use history as a guide and see how e can relate it to our final serving of Michael Bay’s Transformers recipe.

Remolded Supreme or Leader Optimus Prime (with trailer as additional giftset option)
As soon as we saw the first photos of Optimus Prime with his G1 trailer in real life, the world slept a little easier the following night.  We will finally get our trailer to match G1 Optimus Prime!  The question is just how big?  If this trailer is true to scale to the version we’ve seen on set, that is going to be one monsterous toy!  Leader class will make the trailer almost 1.5x longer than Optimus is tall.  It’s possible we may see the trailer in a voyager scale to match the redesigned voayger class toy, but my gut feeling is telling me we will see an all new Optimus Prime in various sizes for Dark of the Moon.  Heck, maybe the trailer will be sold on its own… naaaaaah.

Transformrers 3 Megatron truck rumor

Yay, now we can expect Megatron-colored Prime repaints

A GOOD Megatron Toy!
If anyone has gotten the during this entire universe’s creation, it’s Megatron.  This guy has been some form of tin foil since we first laid eyes on him.  Rumors now indicate that Megatron will finally get an Earth-mode and play opposite Optimus in an upcoming season of Ice Road Truckers.  While I do not necessarily want Megatron as Prime’s opposite as a truck, I guess I’ve lived with worse.  As Tyrese would say “BRING IT!”  All I can say is this guy is in need of a non-POS toy.  No matter how hard they try, Bayformer Cybertronian modes don’t work for toy designers… (MAYBE BECAUSE THEY SUCK ASS!)

Transformers 3 Shockwave concept art

Is this legit?

Leader Shockwave
Who doesn’t want this?  Although I am a bit saddened to predict this one because it may mean we never have a decent Megatron to face off against the fantastic array of Prime Leader toys.  Looks like it’s going ot be Voyager or bust for megs!  I cannot wait to see Shockwave in the emporer’s new clothes.  If not a leader, at least a voyager and expect the gray repaint for us pre-TF purists.

Collecticon Transformers 3 Sentinel Fire truck

This better not end up being the Sentinel we've been forced to deal with during the past few fictions...

Voyager Sentinel
So this guy has a supercool alt-mode but I do not expect him to be incredibly integral.  He will with be a source of friction (ala Animated Sentinel Prime) or some form of guidance (ala Animated Ultra Magnus).  Either way, we ARE getting a toy of this big rig!  The question remains, just how big?

Transformers 3 Alice

You have adoring fans!

Pretender Alice
There have been many that are signing petitions and just about anything else they can do to get a toy figure for Alice.  Her amongst some of the grunt Decepticons are the only characters to not receive a toy in the ROTF line.  This does not mean Alice will never see the molding machine, however.  There were many characters that saw a second-coming in the subsequent movie after death including Brawl, Blackout (or Grindor), and most notably Frenzy, Jazz, and Barricade in the Human Alliance size-class.  Many have suggested a Sideways + Alice Human Alliance toy in the vein of the only other Decepticon duo in the line.  Since that toyline is about the coolest thing to ever happen to Transformers, like ever, we are bound to see the concept played up for the next movie in a variety of interesting ways.

Transformers 3 Silverbolt Space Shuttle Discovery

This Autobot's moving up in the world!

Space Shuttle Discovery
Without a doubt we will be seeing a very cool Space Shuttle Discovery figure in Dark of the Moon.  I am questioning whether the vehicle will actually transform or not during the movie, but if the space battle is indeed true we can expect some CG insanity far beyond the confines of Earthly reality.  Rumors are that this guy / gal will be an Autobot named Silverbolt but that remains to be seen.