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White 4Star Starscream seeker knock off jet

I guess this guy is seeing green, not white?

From time to time, I feel it is necessary to bring to light the worst of the worst Ebay auctions out there.  Without apology, I must highlight the sheer absurdity of some sellers of Transformers.  While we all know that some figures have incredibly high price tags, it is humorous, sad, and obnoxious when unrealistic prices are slapped onto undeserving specimens.

Take this “Holy Grail” auction for a incomplete White 4-Star seeker knock-off.  This is typically labeled as a White 4-Star Starscream.  These have been pretty rare over the years and only the acute Seeker or Knock-off collector will be hunting for something bizarre like this.  So yes, the price for a good one should be relatively high considering it is a knock-off because of the caliber of people looking for it.  Although it is a knock-off, 4-star made a very desirable slew of figures during its day due to the wild re-moldings they applied to the source material.  I still have yet to ever see one of these, black or white, in the box.  Even a silver/gray variant has been whispered down dark hallways…

Ebay auction for white 4-star seeker jet

This is why Ebay auctions need comments.

To the auction.  Our would-be seller is going for broke and asking the obscene amount of $500!  Luckily for us, he allows a best-offer button as well.  PHEW!  Thanks my lucky stars, or I might be stuck drooling for this rare piece!  Am I laying on the sarcasm thick enough for you, internet?  If you need a price check, I bought a COMPLETE one of these in perfect condition for under $100 just earlier this year.  $500?  Come on toy-central, you could’ve at least thrown in the free shipping.