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Knock off Diaclone Swoop in G1 box

Me Swoop no see nothing

And that’s all folks.  The knock-off train has officially left the station.  We are now seeing knock offs of toys that never existed, namely a Transformers-branded Diaclone Swoop (now on ebay!).  This is a figure that has reach upwards of $700 to attain due to the unique molds and paint-scheme akin to our beloved Generation 1 cartoon version of the dinobot Swoop.  I would assume that this “limited to 500” Diaclone version in fabricated Generation 1 box is made by the same group that put out the first wave of G1 Dinobot reissues.  At least said-group appears to be getting smarter.  Although it would be cool to get a sharp-beaked blue-chested G1 swoop, I am forced to solemnly ask “Is nothing sacred?”

Heed my warning super collectors – The dawning of Blue Bluestreak is upon us.  Sell your original while you still can!!!!

This really makes me kind of want to give up the whole collecting game.  For all those that sneer at Hasbro for “neglecting the collectors,” this is for once a glaring instance of that happening.  With the lack of a firm stance or case against those churning out these “reissues,” the collector market is suffering severely.  Good luck to any that are able to secure one of these supposedly “high quality reissues.”  Bah-humbug.

Check out this video reviewing the item in question by Youtube User thecollector75: