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Lucky Draw PVC SCF Skywarp from Japan

One of only 200 of these ever made

Sometimes I feel like I am nature videographer that has been sitting in a cove for a multitude of hours of end just to catch a glimpse of a rare creature.  Today is one of those days.

Friend excitedly contacted me and sent a link to Ebay.  Low and behold, photographs of an incredibly rare specimen: Takara’s Lucky Draw SCF Skywarp PVC – The rarest of the entire PVC line.

Leave it to Hasbro to completely destroy the luster of this figure by releasing skywarp as a regular pack-in during the Heros of Cybertron line a few years later.  So next time I hear the debate for Botcon Thundercracker being blasphemy, I’ll just bring this up and bring the pain.

The Takara version of Skywarp still demands high prices, as the starting bid of £150 suggests.  Good luck Shane, and godspeed!

For more information on the Lucky Draw prize Skywarp figure, check out this page at My Kool Toyz!

hasbro Heros of Cybertron Skywarp in package

If you want to talk about screwin' the pooch, this is the #1 cross-Pacific screw-job ever!