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Transformers The War Within - Age of Wrath - unreleased comic book covers

Well at least we have an inkling that Mr. Prime was coming back

Not all great mysteries in the world of Transformers and collecting have to do with the toys. Take the incomplete works of Dreamwave, which folded out of the blue back in 2004 after 3 great years of Transformeriffic bliss. When the doors closed, locked behind it were the conclusions to Transformers Ongoing, War Within: Age of Wrath, and Energon. These comics had been receiving mixed reviews at the time, but anyone following along was anxiously awaiting to see exactly how the Quintessons would betray Megatron in War Within, see if the dark husk of Unicron would return to life, and watch the antics of Gnaw and Wheelie begin in the Ongoing series.

After over five years of waiting, Transformers scholar Simon Furman is ready to blow the lid off! He is going to finally reveal his plans for where Energon and Age of Wrath were going to go and end. Check out his blog now to get glimpse of what was in the works for Energon and stay tuned for more — much more!

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