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Batcon shirt design from RIPT Apparel

To the Decepti-cave!

Just thought I’d let you all know that RIPT Apparel is selling a pretty clever and funny Transformersery design from artist EmeraldBeacon.  According to the artist, the concept for this design spurs from Shattered Glass Ratbat being a vigilante hero by night.  At least we all know it was a little more interesting than just combining Batman and Decepticons!  I also love the fact that a super-TF fan thought of this, because seriously, who knows about Ratbat let alone the Shattered Glass Universe unless you are deep into this stuff?

Check out this cheap cool graphic tee from RIPT Apparel now because it’s only going to be there until 11:59 PM CST when a new design takes its place!  Did I mention they have hoodies and kids clothes now?? Zing!