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Megatron with cape in Transformers Dark of The Moon

Gypsies, tramps and thieves, could TF3 Megatron be one of these?

This Collecticon just can’t resist a chance to make something out of nothing so here goes my reaction to the recently posted revelation of Megatron’s alt-mode in Transformers 3.

First off, Megatron’s toy looks super cool.  We have never before seen a flowing substance like fabric make its way into our plastic universe.  Animal hair and flesh, sure, but a frozen-in-motion fabric tarp?  Impressive and innovative to say the least.  The dual-use of this piece as a cargo shelter in alt-mode, but hooded cape in robot mode really breathes some life back into the movieverse, let alone its toys.

Evangelion Unit 02 with cloack Megatron head

I think Asuka might be in for a surprise

The robot mode for Megatron finally gives us a properly proportioned silhouette for this megalomaniac of a robot.  For once, I am not left feeling like I’m staring at a giant man-made ball of tinfoil.  However, I am also geting ‘vagrant’ vibes from this toy.

My assumption is that Megatron has been hiding out.  After his defeat to Optimus Prime, Megatron is taking Starscream’s cue and laying low.  Perhaps a point-blank shot to the jaw knocked some of the arrogance out of Mighty Megatron – not likely, but plausible.  This could be a Megatron we have never seen before:  An outcast on the run from the long arm of Optimus Prime’s and his Autobots’ law.

Another possibility is that if Megatron has been hiding out, we may see the Madmax truck lurking around other Autobot goings-on throughout the film until the big reveal at the end and “Surprise kids, it’s been MEGATRON the whole time!”  This may also be a chance for Megatron to achieve redemption against his fellow transformer.  Being a truck puts Megatron one step closer to following in his “brother” Optimus’s footsteps.  A team-up perhaps to defeat the omnipotent Shockwave or… Unicron?

Whatever happens, we are likely to see some awesome robot romps throughout my residing home Chicago.  I can’t wait to see what havoc can be rained down upon Michigan Avenue.  Till all are gone.