Select Page down for launch of Transformers 3 announcement trailer

Nothing to see here folks, nothing at all!

So first we were told the trailer was coming at 4 PM EST. Unfortunately someone, probably the webmaster, forgot to double-check his notes and suddenly had to change the announcement to read 4 PM PST once he saw a huge spike in traffic. How do I know it saw a huge spike? I refreshed repeatedly around 4PM EST only to be greeting with a plethora of site errors typically found when a site is seeing incredibly high traffic spikes. CSS was failing to load and even 504 errors were spat out at times.

3 hours later, we are at the same place! I still have yet to see the trailer fifteen minutes in and MIchael Bay’s precious site is a disaster. I only bring this up because I know the trials and tribulations of running a pop-culture related site that can unexpected quintuple it’s usual traffic load at any time.

Michael Bay's site sluggish due to Transformers 3 trailer

Hey that doesn't look quite right!

Even Apple seems to be having problems with the trailer, as the announcement and trailer page are live but the video is nowhere to be found… I guess the crushing masses of Transformer Fans have made themselves heard once again!