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Transformers 3 dreadlocks on decepticons

Are you gonna go my way?

To the dismay of many fans and the chagrin of Lenny Kravitz, it appears that robotic hair will make a stunning comeback this summer. When I first reported the stage names of the Decepticon SUV drones (dreads), I never once gave thought to the literal potential of that name.  Now I hang my head in dismay.  Leaked images of Transformers 3 toys are pouring out of the Eastern continent at the typical rate.  We are seeing various characters, new and old, in various size classes.  Many of these images can be seen at a new site made specifically to leak this images aptly named which is just a simple PHPbb messageboard.  Many are speculating who is running the site, claiming it is GhenZhao from, but who gives a shit other than Hasbro and Paramount’s legal teams?  God speed you black stallions.

Autobot dreadlocks on the nascar wrecker

Sweet Home Alabama, where my robo dreads are blue!

The latest images show us the robot and vehicle forms of the Decepticon SUV’s and they appear to have wavey robotic dreadlocks, similar to what we saw in the robot mode for the lone Nascar legends toy, which is expected to be one of the wreckers.  I guess we just can’t have our cake and eat it too.  I’m calling it now: Nascar gun-toting Wrecker Autobots characterized like Southern Red Neck Americans.  Might as well put the nail in the coffin, it’s your last chance Michael Bay!

Kenny Fucking Powers

Get 'er dun n' roll 'er out!