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The Fallen made of scrapmetal

Who wants his face?

More crazy real-world giant scrap metal Transformers are appearing almost daily. Now we have a bunch more Revenge Of The Fallen characters coming out of what appears to be the same workshop in Asia. See images of The Fallen from start to finish here.

Scrapmetal Movie Optimus Prime render and sculpture

Pretty incredible that they matched it this well.

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Chinese Yang Junlin has been creating Transformers in real life since 2007. He created his own company, Legend of Iron, and he and his 10 co-workers designed thousands of iron giants…

What becomes rather obvious about these constructions is that the 3D rendered models were used in various poses to create the stances for the final pieces. This Starscream is absolutely amazing!

Scrapmetal ROTF Starscream

That pose is pretty accurate! Dang!

To see the rest of these magnificent specimens, you can check out a collection of many scrap metal Transformer galleries.