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Transformers Movie Twins combined face

A face only a robo-mother could love

It’s no secret that the Twins from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen were designed as some sort of counterparts to each other.  In fact, when merging their body renders, it becomes clear that they were probably intended to combine into some sort of super-soldier.  It all makes perfect sense really: two stupid goofy robots that can handle stand up straight on their own merge into a highly intelligent and unworldly strong single unit.  Each even had opposite enlarged arms and by looking at the faces above it can be seen that each bot has opposing features.  I have no doubt that this was a facet of the Twins that ended up on the cutting room floor due to ROTF’s bloated visual vomit and lack of cohesive story plot points.  They even battled Devastator, who was a combination of may robots.  It’s only right and natural to have opposing forces with the same powers battle it out in Transformers lore.

So now Mudflap and Skids will be returning as shadowy versions of their formers selves in Transformers Dark of the Moon.  My money is on the fact that these guys will finally combine in an attempt to get kids to say WOW!  Unfortunately, the proof was in the design from the get-go.  Let’s hoping for Skidflap!

Transformers ROTF skids and mudflap twins

Please get destroyed before this movie ends.