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Generations Wheeljack fake repack returned to store

This is worse than bad comedy

Well the old “Illinois re-packer” has struck again. The group of us here in Chicago haved dubbed this shadowy figure as ‘the re-packer,’ his or her true identity unknown. We all assume it’s just one person, the same as that crafty ‘scalper’ that seems to be in every store in the United States right before YOU got there.

Most likely, this is the work of a few different people over time, but this particular example above shows some real lack of character, if not just plain scum-bag behavior. Considering my disdain for customizing Transformers, re-packing one’s horribly executed customs in place of a decent figure and returning it to a store is just asking for trouble. Someday we are going to find you, re-packer, and you will pay for the sins of everyone that has come before you. You will rue that day!