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Transformers 3 Dark of the moon soundwave as the mercedes

Here is the correct Mercedes Car, which is obviously soundwave based on the game image below

This article has some mistakes in it due to me confusing the blue Mercedes as the AMG, which is in actuality the silver Gull-wing Mercedes driven by Carly. It would appear that Soundwave is conducting some hardcore under cover work is she is actually driving him around!!! Really cool!

Is Soundwave really the blue mercedes?

That stunt driver could've at least worn a better Frenzy or Rumble costume, sheesh.

Hasbro updated their website recently with a ton of character bio information and imagery for the upcoming live action film. Of note is Soundwave’s page which indicates that his alternate mode is a Mercedes AMG.  This car was speculated to be Wheeljack (or at least an Autobot) due to his blue color in the IDW comic previews that have been coming out.  Some had speculated that this vehicle was Soundwave but then we were told it WAS DEFINITELY NOT SOUNDWAVE by Michael Bay.  So who do we believe? (In Bay’s defense, he was asked about the White “Mercedes” which was actually a Maybach, not the blue one.)

Apparently we aren’t wanted to believe the Mercedes is Soundwave because the bio I linked to above has been ALTERED and Soundwave’s alt mode is now listed as a satellite again!  hahaha!  That’s hilarious!

Hasbro alters Soundwave's bio a day later

One day later, the information for Soundwave's alternate mode has been changed to Satellite

Not only that, today ANOTHER image of Soundwave’s robot form was revealed via some Dark of the Moon video game reviews.  Check it out below.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Soundwave video game

Looking' pretty white there, blue guy.

After reading some reviews of the Soundwave level (during which Laserbeak is playable via some sort of tagteam mode), it is indicated that Soundwave transforms into “some sort of truck.” How strange… hey WAIT! Didn’t they originally want Soundwave to be…

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen concept art for Soundwave as a truck

Trukk not satellite! And who is HPG anyway?

So there you have it. What is Soundwave actually going to be? His alternate form has been a headache for the franchise since the Generation 1 days so this bit of confusion does not surprise long time fans. We do know for sure that a Human Alliance figure is on its way for Soundwave in the Dark of the Moon toyline, so he will most likely be the Benz or the pick-up truck, but I think we can all agree the Benzo will a bit more sexy. Either way, the suspense is killin’ this Collecticon! Come on Big Blue, let’s see if you end up outliving Sneaky Starscream!!