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Transformers pinball machine from Stern


At long last, we are FINALLY seeing what appears to be the first shots of the upcoming Transformers Pinball game!!!  Woo hoo! It’s unclear if this is a finished production piece, sample, or computer render.  It certainly looks real to me! See the original post here.

Transformers Pinball playfield

Optimus Prime, Megatron, and... who is that climbing the building to the right?

It looks like the theme is a combination of the three films.  The art on the side is missing Jazz, but features the other core Autobots and even the Twins.  My guess is that the other side features some Decepticons.  Dark of the Moon Megatron is featured on the score board area as well.  Hard to say if the Optimus Prime toy featured in the machine is a revamped Hasbro toy or a brand new creation by Stern.  More forthcoming!