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Transformers Pinball game details

4, count'em, 4 versions of this pinball game

Wow!  We hit the mother load!

Here are some further details on the game:

You can definitely see the Autobots vs. Decepticons elements alluded to in the Transformers teaser video. It has a center Optimus Prime toy shot (like we speculated) surrounded by five other lit shots. The center playfield features six Autobots and six Decepticons for (presumably) modes depending on your side. The cabinet art is refreshingly Shia Lebeouf free — choosing instead to feature only Optimus and Megatron on the backglass with the sideart showing (insert echo shout) Transformers… in… space (Autobots shown on the right but the Decepticons are on the left side)!

Playfield elements include a Megatron vehicle form with rapid fire multiball and illuminated eyes, Optimus Prime elevating ramp, Bumblebee captive ball target, Decepticon laser-cut steel ramp, Ironhide character ramp, Devastator pop bumpers, All Spark Cube eject hole, Autobot/Decepticon spinning target, Cybertron zenith orbit shot, and “roll out!” ramps. The LE edition seems to have some differences which include a Megatron robot form, Starscream figure, shaker motor, illuminated bottom arch, transparent windows in ball guides, LED general illumination, and will be limited to 500 editions.

There also appears to be four, count ‘em four, versions of this game. There’s the Pro edition and Limited Edition, but there will also be a Autobot (crimson) and Decepticon (violet) Limited Collector’s Edition for each. These Collector’s Editions will feature full cabinet trim in the versions color, unique backglass (of either Autobot or Decepticon), playfield-mounted Optimus/Megatron plate, Gomez signature under hard coat, unique designer edition “Vector Sigma Data Track” QR codes and will be limited to 99 game each.

So there you have it.  The creme de la creme versions will be the individual Autobot or Decepticon versions limited to 99 each.  Guess which one I’m getting?  Thanks for the tip Blue Boost!!