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Masterpiece 10 Optimus Prime

Megatron must purchase me... NO MATTER THE COST!

So a friend and I made a friendly wager a few months back. The cost of MP-10 from Japan seemed excruciatingly high at the time. What people do not realize is that it is the value of the dollar that has dropped so much in the past few years that makes the $250 USD price tag of MP-10 so ‘outrageous.’ So based on this, the cost of producing MP-10 will not necessarily go down when Hasbro releases it. These price increases have slowly been trickling into the price of many things, including Transformers. I’ve been waiting for the big switch, when it all ends up about 25% more than it was the last time you checked. Even Unicron from Amazon was $60 to start, which is up from the $45, and $50 original prices he cost at retail.

So here is the wager, just to be clear:

Jessecuster: Maybe it should just be an even $100 bet
So one of us gets $100 discount based on the price of the toy

Collecticon: ok
that is more fair
we are betting $100 on the price
because what if it’s like $180

Jessecuster: exactly
here is a question, what if OP gets released for under $100 but they release the Trailer as a separate packag

Collecticon: then I lose

Jessecuster: What if the separate package pushess the hole thing over $100

Collecticon: whatever is in the box
it’s got to be one box
they won’t release it in two separate containers

Jessecuster: Ok fair enough

So there you have it. Two Transfans putting their money where their mouth is. Who will come out victorious? Jessecuster is betting on Hasbro never having released a Transformer that is over $100 at retail. They have releases larger Star Wars vehicles above that price-point, but never a Transformer (Fortress Max excluded).

I am betting on the dropping value of the dollar, higher production costs, and lack of a retailer willing to sell the high priced item. There is one thing for sure: Hasbro will not take a hit to release this figure. So there you have it. Let the best Collecticon win!