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heading to Botcon 2012 Decepticons in Dallas

Decepti-Does Dallas

We finally learned the locale and schedule for Botcon 2012 after much stress and agony. The damage amounts to Dallas, Texas (a little close to home, huh Funpub?) and it appears that this year we’ll have a relatively early con in April, versus the more typical June or July dates.

I think it’s inevitable that I am going to this thing every year after committing to Pasadena last year, plus I have found myself mysteriously in the midst of an amazing group of unlikely Transformers friends. The excitement is surely building though, as indicated by this anonymous post regarding the upcoming convention:

Guys (and gal), I’m totally getting a half-chub thinking about BotCon again. Please join me in this e-Boner.

Anony-tron, consider yourself join-ed.