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Awesome 3rd Party Megatron

Amongst his fake Transformer underlings

For all my outright hatred of all KO’s and 3rd party non-licensed Transformer toys, there is once in a while a glimmer of awesome amongst the crap.  Today a shining star appeared from beneath the rubble and it is a new 3rd party Megatron toy from some company that has yet to be named.

3rd party Hegemon Megatron gun and accessories

Predacons, accessorize!

This thing comes with awesome accessories and succeeds where the Masterpice Megatron somewhat failed int he bulk and overall build of the robot mode.  The gun handle is a bit oversized, but we always have to give in a little, don’t we? Feast your eyes on the new emperor of destruction!

Hegemon Megatron with axe and morning star

A little white-balance never hurt nobody