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  • Such a bummer that some of the most-wanted DOTM toys will not be released. It just seems perposterous! #
  • A closer look at the VERY RARE and VERY AWESOME Hong Kong Movie 1 giftsets – #
  • New demonic Transformers Prime character discovered – SPOOKY SCARY – #
  • Meet Dark of the Moon Devcon – Daddy Long Legs! #
  • I have some really awesome friends! I got this from my buddy, what a surprise!!!! Movie 1 HK Autobot giftset #
  • Fully formed FOC Bruticus is spindly, but appetizing after all. Agree? #
  • It's sad that Orion Pax will remember his true self within 3 measly episodes, but let's not forget this is a kids show, not a mature drama #