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Peter Cullen charity t-shirt from RIPT Apparel

It's bird, it's a plan, no, it's a TRUCK!!!!!

Now this is something special. Artist Ninjaink is teaming up with good old RIPT Apparel to bring this fantastic parody tee to life, JUST IN TIME FOR BOTCON!  The design is a familiar sight to most comic fans, a powerfully posed suited man ripping open his shirt to reveal… a red truck?  That’s right, not the familiar “S” logo you might be used to but a gleaming red Generation 1 Optimus Prime cab.  And who is brandishing this windowed chest?  None other than the voice behind the legend, Mr. Peter Cullen.

This is an incredibly unique t-shirt design that even has Cullen’s blessing (according to RIPT).  The shirt is only $10 and will be sold Tuesday April 3rd starting at Midnight CST.  On top of that, Ninjaink is donating his artist portion of the sale to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island, and RIPT is following suit by matching that donation.  Sounds like a good cause to me!

If you’re planning to attend Botcon 2012, this might be a shirt you’ll wanna get ahold of.  So far, there is no definite announcement that Cullen will attend the convention, but he hasn’t missed one for a few years.  This might be a great item to get signed by the man himself…