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In 72 measley hours, I’ll be on my way to Dallas to enter the customizing class for Wednesday.  Let’s hope this year’s figure is as cool as last year’s.

Speaking of, who could this year’s figure be?!?

Considering the box set figures, the only sensible options are below:

G2 Prime mold – The big one here would be Nemesis Prime, but that would just be too cool for school.  Perhaps Toxitron (BLAAARG), or a non-shattered glass Ultra Magnus?  Not sure if Funpub has access to the old head since the box set figure has a new one…

RTS Tracks mold – Black tracks makes a lot of sense for this year’s class…  Not sure where it would fit in with the fiction but the mold seems simple enough for a customizing class to handle.  Then there is the fact that the Wheeljack mold was used twice already for the club exclusives…

RTS Jazz mold – A friend of mine thinks this is a shoe-in for the custom figure.  This is definitely possible, as it could be a non-shattered glass Treadshot in the maroon Armada Treadshot colors.  This would also make for a very auspicious SG Ricochet, which would be paying homage to the original Shattered glass set.  No one cares about the bullshit Ricochet character, so let’s hope that’s not what the figure actually is.

Thunderwing mold -The mold is so simple, I could see this being the custom figure.  There would be a lot of paint apps involved though.  Who could this guy be?  I have no clues because I hate Pretenders and just forget they existed.

Universe Ironhide mold – Lots of options here.  A black ironhide for Shattered Glass Ironhide, same with Ratchet possibly.  Also Soundblaster if we were able to use the head from the set, or just a straight up blue Soundwave.

There you have it.  Expect tons of videos and documentation of the event from yours truly come mid-next week!