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cool daily t shirt RIPT

Who will MEGA Man challenge first?

RIPT Apparel did it again, with just a few days before Botcon starting. Transformerland is about to go into fever-mode and this is the match that will light the fire!

Let me explain this shirt if you are a bit miffed: This is a parody of the start screen for the original 8-bit NES game Mega Man 2 which featured 8 bosses. You chose which level you wanted to play based on the boss of that level. Each boss had the suffix “man” on their name. For instance: Cut Man, Guts Man, Crash Man, Flash man, etc. This was repeated for almost every Mega Man game following it, the first game only had 6 bosses (and was hard as hell!).

Mega Man 2 start screen bosses

Just in case you are too young to have ever played a game that didn't basically play itself.

Not only that, the bosses were called the “robot masters,” which is a name also shared by a faction of Transformers in Japan. Robot Masters was a short-run line of toys from the early 2000’s.

So yeah, the shirt is brilliant. Thanks Ninjaink for another amazing design at RIPT Apparel!