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Masterpiece Soundwave MP13

Another blow dealt to 3rd party Transformer manufacturers

A few weeks ago I tweeted about the cancellation of the upcoming ‘masterpiece’ Soundwave from a 3rd party.

Today was possibly the best news day for Transformers fans in years.  News from the Tokyo Toy show gave us our first look at a new batch of Masterpiece figures from TakaraTomy including Sideswipe and Soundwave.  This Soundwave is simply AMAZING!  The greatest feature?  Laserbeak transformers without any additional parts.  Yes, that’s right: the blasters fold out of the cassette mode.  There also seems to be the ability for Soundwave to emit sound due to a 8th inch phono jack on the upper cassette player.  What can’t this figure do!??!

There is further coverage, and we’re sure to see more before the event is over.  What an amazing-looking figure!  Masterpiece is shaping up to be THE Transformers line!