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Transformers winerack on craigslist $7000


In case you didn’t want to buy a Transformers pinball machine this year but still have $7000 burning a hole in your shorts, I present to you this arcane creation available on the Phoenix Craigslist.  The amalgamation is listed as “Half Ton Transformer-style Wine Rack made of auto transmission parts” and is priced at $7000.

Clearly a Decepticon, the beast touts a 32 bottle capacity that will surely make you the talk of Cybertron.

lights on transformers craigslist wine rack

Feel my grapes of wrath!

Unfortunately, it’s a stretch to label this a Transformer, considering the articulation is nil, it does not even remotely represent any character, and it’s just downright ugly.  My favorite part are the shoes strewn about, as if Winotron has laid waste to all the come before him.  Happy Friday.