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Flight Dunny Starscream toy kid robot

Too late kid, ya missed it already!

**Special thanks to Unregistered User for the tip on this story!

Well well well, the age of collectible vinyl toys is beginning to creep into our beloved plastic crack! Today, Chicago local toy store, Rotofugi, made available a special Kid Robot Dunny by artist KaNO called “Flight.” As indicated in the announcement article, the design is “Inspired by the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons.” Ha ha, nice try. At least this is better use of parody and inspiration than most ‘inspired’ 3rd party products.

The toy was marked ‘out of stock’ on their online store within 2 minutes, but a few remaining stock trickled back into the system. If you were unlucky enough to not be able to purchase it online, Chicago natives were welcome to pick this Starscreamer up in person when Rotofugi’s doors opened at 11 AM. Guess who was there? THIS GUY! However, my phone was dead so I have no photos of the event. Sad face.

Kid Robot Starscream vinyl toy


Still no word on the chase colors, but if I were to guess, I might expect a Skywarp and Thundercracker version. Who knows how ‘in the know’ KaNO was for this though. This is a very cool cross-over collectible that comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Chicago Rotofugi dunny dlight

I wonder what we got here?