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Fans Want It Powered up Optimus Prime

Tubby-no-more! begrudgingly reports on 3rd party non-Hasbro non-Takara items, but today there was an announcement for one that kind of deserves some praise.  Back at the transitional period between Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, TakaraTomy teased an amazing looking group of figures under a line named “Unite for the Universe.”  Two major figures were promised but never saw the light of day: a nice silver -painted voyager Megatron, and power up armor attachments for voyager Optimus Prime.

The power up armor looked so good, and so close to the movie representation, that of course it was cancelled, never to be seen on store shelves.   A few years later, we have a leader-sized rendition of the same upgrade kit by Fans Want It.  The ever-revealing Planet Iacon Singapore Facebook Group broke the news, as they typically do, and showed us the first images of the set.  It brought more tears to my eyes than the actual ROTF film, yet this time tears of joy.

So now in my glee, I present a smattering of all the renditions of Upgrade or Jetwing Optimus from the movie-verse up till now.  Enjoy!

Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime
transformers-legends-jetfire-combined-optimus-prime-toy transformers-ROTF-jetfire-combined-buster-optimus-prime-toy transformers-rotf-poweredup-jetfire-optimus-prime trnasformers-ROTF-Powered-Up-Optimus-Prime-Unite-unreleased