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Hasbro on the left, TakaraTomy on the right

Fans have been asking for troop-builders for a while now, but $100+ troop builders?  Dang!  Sometimes we really get what we deserve!

IDW has been hitting Metroplex HARD and it seems with good reason.  Making such an expensive toy comes with risks for the retailers and so Hasbro most likely whispered in their creative outlets’ ears quite loudly that Metroplex needed to be important in the coming years. With the new lore involved with mulitple city-bots from Cybertron’s distant past, it only seems natural that we would get a variety of versions of this monstros-city. If you purchase the Hasbro version, you can get the TakaraTomy version to spice up your city bot graveyard.

The differences are nominal, but to a collector decently contrasting.


The big guy is back!!

Hasbro Version:

  • one large red gun
  • white face
  • white areas on shoulders
  • yellow safety paint on ramp door
  • black stomach center surrounding red core
  • unpainted hips
  • white thighs
  • unpainted white knees
  • unpainted toes
  • black ramp
  • white missile battery
  • gray landing ramps

He big

TakaraTomy Version:

  • two large red guns
  • silver painted face
  • yellow and red areas on shoulders
  • no paint on ramp door
  • white stomach center surrounding red core
  • black and red painted hips
  • gray thighs
  • black painted knees
  • red painted toes
  • white ramp
  • red missile battery
  • white landing ramps with yellow paint

So the choice is yours.  Get the “regular” version, which I consider the Hasbro one, or import the deluxe crazy version from TakaraTomy.  If you are troop building this guy, and God help you if you are, then you better get both and that inevitable Metrotitan Decepticon exclusive.


“Nobody steps on a church in my town!”