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Magnus – “I want you inside me”

After many months of waiting, MP22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus has finally been revealed!!!  What we are being treated to is a very G1 anime-esque version of the big guy and like the first glimpse we got of  him in “Transformers: The Movie”, he transforms all in one shot unlike his original toy.  This continues TakaraTomy’s mission to bring us toy versions of the animated characters we were promised on screen.  I applaud the effort and am very excited to see the finished product.


What some people wanted, for stupid reasons

Many had expected a white MP-10 that had armor latched onto it but MP22 is proving to be anything but.  Look at the photos and you will see that Magnus’s thighs and torso are a completely different mold than MP10 and the cab transforms quite differently than MP10 does in order to make Optimus Prime.  This is truly a brand new unique mold and toy.



Magnus got a new truck cape!