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The smoking gun

In addition to MP21 Bumblebee pictures, we got a new great look at M22 Ultra Magnus and all fears or hopes can be put to rest: the cab does NOT transform into a smaller Optimii.  I am in the camp of rejoicing, for I love the challenges that TakaraTomy puts in place to be as authentic to show-accuracy as possible.



Don’t admit defeat just get though, G1-toy-purists.  Apparently the cab, which is oh-so-very MP-10 Optimus shaped can actually DETACH from the rest of the trailer.  This means there are quite a few possibilities, at least for toy display purposes.  You may yet have your day in the sun…

Also, here’s the full image of all of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus’s glory from the Transformers Generation 2014 book.


This is going to be such a cool release. Will we see it hit US shores?? I can’t deal with that right now!